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Site Council Minutes

Notes for Site Council meeting

November 10, 2022


In attendance-


Kellie Sibbitt

Sophie Wheeler

Josue Monterrosa


Sarahi Rojas

Mr. Armenta


5:30pm- Meeting begins

-Mr. Armenta reviews previous meeting/training


5:35pm- Mr. Armenta explains the SPSA and the funds budgeted to the school

-Four goals of the SPSA

-Explains district math goals


5:39pm- Explanation of goal #1

-MTSS identified as a need

-Mr. Armenta explained the annual measurable outcomes

-Proposed money spent for technology

-Funding for programs also set aside for next school year


****EDIT Strategy 4 (ADD kinder, third, fourth and fifth)***


5:54pm- Continued explanation of SPSA goals

-LCFF $16,000 (instructional assistants) SEAs or intervention?


5:58pm- Goal #2 explained

***EDIT*** Page 52 promote misspelled

-School nurse created a mobile emergency kit for recess.


6:11pm- Goal #3 explained

$300 school beautification and more?


***EDIT*** page 60 change wording on Book Nook (reword)Rework to current level

-EDIT Parent Nook


6:23pm- Goal #4 explained


6:26pm- Mr. Armenta finished explanation of goals


-Voting to approve the SPSA and goals: 7 people in favor (all participants)

-Conversation about next meeting, possibly December 8th or 15th


6:32pm- Meeting adjourned.